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About the Band

The Porkroll Project, from the greater Philadelphia, PA area is hard rocking blues band who play a high energy blend of fresh covers and originals. The music is blues, but it's done up Porkroll style. Little bit of grease, good dose of funk, whole lotta drive and grind. Throw that together with some dangerous lead guitar with rippin' solos from a group of talented musicians and you have a recipe for a night where anything can happen!

  • 2010 : Semi-Finalist in the International Blues Challenge, Memphis, TN
  • 2010 : Semi-Finalist in the Blues Foundation's "Best Self-Produced CD" for Shake It Twice
  • 2012 : Represented the Billtown Blues Association in the International Blues Challenge
  • 2012 : Three Legged Dog nominated by Diamond State Blues Society for "Best Self-Produced CD"
  • 2014 : Represented the Billtown Blues Association in the International Blues Challenge
  • 2016 : Featured in the Blind Racoon Showcase in Memphis, TN

The band has a collective experience that runs deep and wide, having played together in various other projects for over ten years. They've shared the stage with such notables as Bo Diddley, Los Lobos, Mem Shannon, Michael Hill's Blues Mob, Bobby Radcliffe, Albert Castiglia, John Primer and Billy Branch, just to name a few. They are well seasoned veterans with main stage appearances at events such as the Philadelphia Jam on the River, the Red Bank Jazz and Blues Festival, the Riverfront Blues Festival, Billtown Blues Festival, and the Paoli Blues Festival. The band has won several local Blues competitions to earn the right to compete in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN.

About Neil "Porkroll" Taylor

Neil "Porkroll" Taylor is the band leader, lead guitarist, vocalist, and primary songwriter for the Porkroll Project band. He comes from a long line of watermen and pirates and has two basic loves -- playing guitar and cooking, particularly BBQ. His tasty blues playing is well known throughout the Delaware Valley. His musical influences range far and wide, but credits Buddy Guy and Luther Allison as his most recent inspirations. Previously, he co-founded the well-known MudBoy blues band which played around the Southeast Pennsylvania for nearly a decade. For a time, he also performed with Melissa Martin and the Mighty Rhythm Kings. He also currently brings his tasty guitar to the Georgie Bonds Band.

Porkroll always surrounds himself with top flight Blues musicians, many who have played with him for more than a decade. He enlists these musicians into his "project" to create the perfect band configuration for the performance at hand, whether it's an outdoors festival, an intimate club, or a recording session. While the exact band configuration may change for a specific performance, you can be sure that the music is always delivered "Porkroll style"!!

Musicians who have brought their Blues chops to the Porkroll "projects" include:
  • Paul Matecki (Vocals, Keys)
  • Ed Young (Bass)
  • Andy Haley (Drums)
  • Buddy Cleveland (Harp)
  • John "JT" Thomas (Drums)
  • Joe "Big Note" Stout (Vocals, Keys)
  • Walter Runge (Keys)
  • Anthony Pieruccini (Bass)
  • Dave Renz (Saxophone)
  • Vanessa Collier (Saxophone)
  • Chris Neal (Trumpet)
  • Andrew Whisler (Trombone)
  • Bill Bryan (Vocals, Harp)
  • James "Doc" White (Bass)
  • Chad Edstrom (Drums)
  • Larry Hinkel (Drums)

Performance Video

These are videos of a live performance recorded in 2012 at Chaplin's Music Cafe in Spring City, PA.

Three Legged Dog

This an original song by the Porkroll Project and is the title song from our third CD, released in 2011.

I'll Drink Your Bathwater

This slow Blues song is our take on an old Ollie Nightengale song which was included on our second CD, Shake It Twice.

Evil Woman Blues

This is another original song by the Porkroll Project. It was also included on our second CD, Shake It Twice.

Walking The Dog

This is our version of the Rufus Thomas classic.

Shake It Twice

Finally, here's the title track from our second CD. Another Porkroll original song.


Here are photos from major event performances.


CD Releases
Pork Roll Project   This is the self-titled first release by the Porkroll Project. These 12 songs set the standard for the band's electric blues, done up Porkroll style; little bit of grease, good dose of funk, whole lotta drive and grind with some dangerous lead guitar and harmonica, powerful organ, and rippin' piano. It includes eight original songs and for cover tunes.
Shake It Twice  

The Porkroll Project was back on the grill with its second CD, Shake It Twice, and served up some more greasy grooves, funky rhythms, hot vocals, and some downright nasty playing! Six original songs and four of our favorite cover songs are included on this CD.

This CD was nominated for Blues Foundation's 2010 Best Self-Produced CD competition by the Diamond State Blues Society and made it into the top 12 semi finals! Click on the CD image for song samples at Amazon Music.

Three Legged Dog  

Three Legged Dog is the eagerly anticipated 3rd release from The Porkroll Project. This go round, the songwriting chores got spread around a little, and the result is a mix of great music, which includes seven original songs written by the band members and four cover songs.

This CD was nominated for Blues Foundation's 2012 Best Self-Produced CD competition by the Billtown Blues Association.

Papa Didn't Raise Me Right  

The latest Porkroll Project CD, Papa Didn't Raise Me Right, was released in 2022. This production a solid mix of rock, blues and country tunes. The 11 songs are largely original compositions including 8 penned by band leader and lead guitarist Neil Taylor, one by harmonica player Buddy Cleveland and 2 cover songs. From slow blues to Chicago blues via country blues, funky blues or even gospel, there's something for everyone on Papa Didn't Raise Me Right. Click on the CD image for song samples at Amazon Music.

Full Length Songs

Check out the full length versions of some representative songs from each of the four Porkroll Project CD's.

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Reviews & References

Below are a number of CD reviews and a collection of quotes about the Porkroll Project Band.

"Papa Didn't Raise Me Right " by Steve Daniels, Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine

Led by guitarist and singer Neil Taylor, The Porkroll Project has been a popular and successful band in the Philadelphia, PA, area for almost two decades. The band released its first album in 2004; this is its fourth, but its first in the last decade. However, during that recording hiatus the band has been busy gigging and has made three appearances at the International Blues Challenge, reaching the semi-finals once. Here Taylor and harmonica player Buddy Cleveland, who has been a band member since 2008, are joined by Walter Runge on keyboards, John Thomas on drums, bassist Anthony Pieruccini, and saxophonist David Renz. They delve into a set of eleven blues and related tunes, comprising a full hour of lively music. Not holding back, the band opens with the title track, one of the nine composed by Taylor. Its vibe is anthemic, and it sports a riveting mid-track guitar solo by Taylor that alternates between bursts of rapid-fire single notes and sustained soaring notes into the high register.

The song is almost six minutes long, and every track of the album lasts over four minutes, signifying that this band likes to dig into a song and establish a groove. "Down in Mexico" and "Going to the Station" are a little slower - the former shifts tempo several times - and each gives a hint of Runge's talent on piano. "Crescent Moon" extends over seven minutes, none of it wasted, and is distinguished by more nice lead guitar by Taylor and some very sweet sax courtesy of Renz.

The ensuing numbers are full of droll humor. "Better You Than Me" tells a tale involving a dog, and cheetah, and a monkey, and "Mama Put the Gun Down" lists a scary/silly collection of weapons that the woman of the house may be tempted to use against the wayward hubby. They are followed by "Dancing with the Angels," with a rocking gospel aura and some zippy backing vocals by the band members. On this track and the next, "Nothin' Yet" Cleveland is allowed some room to exercise the reeds on his harmonica. Humor is again prominent on "The Next Thing Smokin'", with its unanticipated last verbal phrase.

On "Sentenced to the Blues" Cleveland, who wrote it, delivers understated harp frills in tandem with the guest horns of Andrew Whisler and Chris Neal as Taylor's tenor vocal proclaims the message. Last but not least, we have "A Taste of Malt Liquor", a saxophone-prodded track that would certainly have any bar crowd heading for the dance floor.

"Papa Didn't Raise Me Right " by Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro, Blues Editor @ www.Mary4Music.com

The Porkroll Project has been part of the Mary4Music family for well over fifteen years now. Since 2005, we have reviewed several of the bands releases; in 2012 they had a song on the very first volume of our nine "Mary4Music Presents: Keeping The Blues Alive" compilation CDs; and Neil Taylor, the bands front man and producer has been a constant endorser of ours with his many referrals.

Taking some time off for regrouping, The Porkroll Project are back with their fourth release titled "Papa Didn't Raise Me Right". With some old and some new, the members of the band include: Neil Taylor on guitars, banjo, percussion and vocals; Walter Runge on organ, piano and gang vocals; Anthony Pieruccini on bass and gang vocals; John "JT" Thomas on drums and gang vocals; David Renz on sax and horn arrangements; Chris Neal on trumpet; Andrew Whisler on trombone; guest vocalist Paul Matecki; Jesse Taylor on bass; and Buddy Cleveland on harmonica. At nearly an hour long, the recording contains two covers, nine originals and - in true Porkroll Project form - a whole lot of wit.

The disc opens with the title track, "Papa Didn't Raise Me Right". It tells a mournful tale of a man lamenting over the abandonment of his father before he was even three. Makes you think his father didn't raise him at all. With a strong organ presence, the rhythm is as intense and the songs subject matter and the guitar leads are as stinging as some of it's lyrics.

Because of the quick education I just got, I'd like to thank Neil Taylor for including a cover of Leiber and Stoller's "Down In Mexico" on this recording. Not realizing that it was the first release by The Coasters, back in 1957, I just had to give the original a listen. Unlike "Yakety Yak", "Charlie Brown" and other of the bands hits, I was surprised to hear a bit of blues, a bit of funk and a whole lot of percussion from the guys. That said, from every aspect - especially Neil's scorching guitar runs - The Porkroll Project took the recording and moved it from the "Oldies" section of the record shop into the "Blues" bin.

Trying to get away from a place, and possibly a person who's driving him crazy, this track finds Neil "Going To The Station". However, he won't be buying a ticket, or paying any fare; he won't be checking any baggage, because he's not really going anywhere. Sadly, he won't even be getting on a train, he'll be getting under one. He's going down to the station, he's leaving that place behind, he's gonna jump down on the railroad tracks and ease his troubled mind. That said, hearing Neil's frolicking vocal presentation, the rest of the songs lyrics, and it's uptempo vibe will easily expose its satirical nature. As a matter of fact, with the assertive rhythm Anthony and John are laying down on the bass and drums; the vibrant piano leads being added by Walter; and the ambitious guitar leads Neal's laying down, the song is a sure dance floor filler.

Being over seven minutes of slow scorching blues, it should surprise absolutely no one when I say that "Crescent Moon" is easily one of the disc's best. Stepping away from his often jovial romps on cleverly written creations, with a powerful, soulful and heartfelt performance, Neil absolutely nails the vocals on this one. Additionally, with David's torrid sax leads; Anthony and John comfortably settled into that laid-back rhythm groove; Walter's bewitching B3 vibe; and Neil's masterful and mesmerizing guitar licks; it's a musical masterpiece.

Bringing some of that previously mentioned wit into play, "Better You Than Me" spins a yarn involving a dog, a monkey and a cheetah in a survival of the fittest type situation. Now before you go placing your money on the cheetah, beware of a little reverse psychology and that myth about not being able to teach an old dog new tricks. This just might not be the slam dunk it appears to be.

For similarly creative, humorous and witty Porkroll parodies make sure you give a listen to "Mama Put The Gun Down", "Dancing With The Angels" (Peter Rowan), "Nothing Yet", "The Next Thing Smokin" and "A Taste Of Malt Liquor".

Here's a tough one - is being "Sentenced To The Blues" a punishment or a reward? If it meant I had to be subjected to listen to stuff like this for any length of time, then bring it on. It's another blues smoker with plenty of wind fueling its flames. It features composer Buddy Cleveland showcasing some serious blues chops on harp, Andrew blowing a few stinging trumpet leads and David wailing away on sax. BTW, there won't be any appeals coming from me.

For information on The Porkroll Project go to - www.porkrollproject.com - and should you have not yet received your copy of "Papa Didn't Raise Me Right" for airplay, please contact Betsie Brown at www.blindraccoon.com. Remember, wherever you go and whoever you contact, please let them know The Blewzzman sent you.

"Papa Didn't Raise Me Right " by Midwest Record

Roots rockers from Philly have the southern gothic redneck blues rock down like they were to the manor born. A Lou Reed style set for those of us not from the urban mean streets, this'll give you a proper taste of what the back roads hold long after dark. A smoking side trip.

"Papa Didn't Raise Me Right " by John Mitchell, Blues Blast Magazine

After a decade-long hiatus since their third album The Porkroll Project returns with a solid set of music with blues, southern rock and rock and roll influences. The band is anchored round guitarist Neil 'Porkroll' Taylor who is also the main songwriter with eight credits (two with co-writer credits for William Bryan and Ed Young), harp player Buddy Cleveland contributing one song, plus two covers. The rest of the band is Walter Runge on keys, Anthony Pieruccini on bass, John 'JT' Thomas on drums and David Renz on sax; Chris Neal (trumpet) and Andrew Whisler (trombone) beef up the horn section on one track. Former band member Paul Matecki handles the vocals on two cuts and Jesse Taylor plays bass on one track. The album was recorded on home turf in Pennsylvania.

The title track makes a great start, Southern Rock with warm Hammond and striking guitar leads as Neil sings of a character growing up in tough circumstances, ending up heading down the dark side of the road, because "Papa Didn't Raise Me Right". We are then immediately taken south of the border with a cover of the 1957 Coasters song "Down In Mexico", written by Leiber & Stoller, a catchy tune with Paul delivering entertaining lyrics like "he wears a red bandana, plays a cool piana". "Going To The Station" has some excellent piano and sax over a mid-tempo rhythm with a classic blues lyric about jumping "down on the railroad track, ease my troubled mind", while "Crescent Moon" is a slow blues with breathy sax.

Neil's comic song "Better You Than Me" is very much in Kipling's Jungle Book style as monkey, dog and cheetah are involved in tricking each other. The jagged rhythms are echoed in the keyboard work on "Mama Put The Gun Down", Neil asking Ma to stop shooting up the house, there has to be a less destructive way to get rid of an unwanted guy! Peter Rowan's "Dancing With The Angels" was originally recorded by New Grass Revival and might best be described as country-gospel, the second song featuring Paul's vocals. In contrast "Nothin' Yet" is a tough-sounding tune with menacing lyrics about meeting a stranger "shrouded in mist and smoke", the harp and torrid guitar solo suiting the feel of the tune well. A bright, upbeat rocker follows, Neil including references to songs like "She Caught The Katy" in the lyrics to "Next Thing Smoking", which sounds like a plea to his ex to let him know if she tires of her new life, though the final verse reveals that what he really wants is to say that it's over to her face! The three-man horn section adds considerable heft to "Sentenced To The Blues", a slow blues written by Buddy whose harp gets a solo feature alongside David's sax. "A Taste Of Malt Liquor" is Neil's lively tribute to a favourite drink, a fun tune to close out the album.

There is plenty to enjoy on this one if your tastes range a bit wider than pure blues.

"Papa Didn't Raise Me Right " by Bman's Blues Report

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Papa Didn't Raise Me Right, from The Porkroll Project, and it's a solid mix of rock, blues and country. Opening with title track, Papa Didn't Raise Me Right, lead singer and guitarist, Neil "Porkroll" Taylor is up front setting the mood, backed by Walter Runge on organ, Anthony Pieruccini on bass, and John Thomas on drums. With a Latin rhythm on Down In Mexico, Taylor tells a pretty good story and Thomas does a real nice job on keeping the rhythm tight. Taylor's Santana flavored guitar lead feels good and backing vocals by Runge, Pieruccini and Thomas really work nicely in the mix. Blues ballad, Crescent Moon, sports nice sax work by David Renz and Taylor's lead guitar lead is firm and smooth. Funky mix, Mama Put The Gun Down, really works nicely due to Pieruccini's bass and Runge's organ, under the clever vocal work and some of Taylor's best guitar lead on the release. With a swagger, Sentenced to The Blues, hits with Chris Neal and Paul Matecki on trumpet. Taylor's lead vocal is nicely matched with Buddy Cleveland on harmonica solo. A breakout sax solo by Renz and a real nice solo by Taylor on guitar tie this package together nicely. Wrapping the release is cool shuffle, A Taste of Malt Liquor, likely the crowd favorite with it's party feel, group backing vocals, and a memorable melody topped with a studly guitar solo. Solid closer.

"Three Legged Dog" by Bill Wilson, Music Editor, Billtown Blue Notes, Billtown Blues Association

I am reminded of a joke (or was it a joke?) that ended with "You don't eat a good dog like that all at once." Now that that is out of the way, it is time for business. All but four of the disc's eleven cuts were penned by the members of the band. As usual the musicianship is right on the money. The Porkroll Project are a great bar band, well able to blow the roof off most venues. Hard driving with a strong blues influence, this is the kind of stuff that brings a crowd to its feet, just what most working men and women want at the end of a long hard week. Their original tunes are exceptional, with a hard edge yet never losing sight of their blues roots and the cover tunes were done with a side order of pork fat to be sure. They left their indelible mark on everything from John Estes "Broke & Hungry" to Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues", John Lennon's "Cold Turkey" and Elvin Bishop's "Party 'Til The Cows Come Home." What I found particularly impressive was the fact that the original tunes were written by five members of the band. It is not often that so many songwriters are found in one band…and each is done exceptionally well. Each member brings his own particular style to the mix yet the blend flawlessly. This is one of those discs that would be good to put in the player and cruise down the highway. I hear a lot of the influence of the early blues/rockers but the blues is front and center. I find it impossible to pick a favorite tune as all are done so well. I am, however particularly impressed with the original tunes. Anyone can cover something that has already been done, even putting a unique spin on the number but it is far more difficult to write a number that has a timeless quality and the Porkroll Project manages to pull that off. Over all there is something here to suit everybody's taste. The Porkroll Project has another winner on their hands with Three Legged Dog. Pick up a copy especially if you like your blues with a hard rockin' edge and get out to see the band whenever possible. The purpose of a good blues band is to take the audience somewhere far from the troubles of their everyday life. This band manages to do that. They deserve our support.

"Three Legged Dog" by Gene Fontana, President, Diamond State Blues Society

Three Legged Dog is some of the best music to come from this band to date . What can you say , Porkroll Project nailed this one . Electrifying guitar riffs and incredible piano & organ playing backed buy a great rhythm section . Dishing out some great rockin' blues , boogie woogie and straight forward blues. Just one listen to Three Legged Dog and you will be a Porkroll fan for life!!!

"Three Legged Dog" by Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro, Blues Editor @ www.Mary4Music.com

The key to repeatedly producing a quality product is to repeatedly use quality ingredients or parts. This holds true from the food you eat to the machinery you work with to the music you listen to, and it includes the makers of that music as well. Spanning seven years and several CDS, the ingredients that make up the Porkroll Project have been pretty much the same five top notch musicians. They are: Neil Taylor on guitar & vocals; Joe Stout on organ & vocals; Paul Matecki on piano & vocals; Chad Edstrom on drums; Ed Young on bass and vocals; and Buddy Cleveland on harmonica. On "Three Legged Dog", which contains seven band originals out of twelve tracks, a few other "quality ingredients" were added. They are: Mike Bardzik on drums, Joe D'Amico on mandolin, and Randy Phister on conga. Now let's listen.

Apparently, doing this must be a lot harder than it might seem. As Paul tells it, he'll take out his baby's trash and even mop her floor, he'll also do her laundry, iron her clothes, wash her back, polish her toes and more - just as long as he doesn't have to walk her "Three Legged Dog" anymore. The deal breaker could have very well been the fact that the dog also can't see. Between complaints about the poor pooch there's a killer three minutes of powerful rhythm backing some ass kickin' guitar and harp leads.

With four of the band members sharing vocal leads, "Ninety-One Days" is one of the five tracks that feature Paul Matecki and it's by far his best effort. Getting in lots of piano highlights as well, I guess it's no coincidence he wrote the song.

Although no one will ever do it like Johnny did, most of the versions that I've heard of "Folsom Prison Blues" have been enjoyable. The song and it's writer are so legendary, it's almost sacrilegious to say you didn't like a particular version of it. And that's certainly not a factor on The Porkroll Project's rendition. As a matter of fact, Neil Taylor does an admirable job on the vocals and guitar, and the extra addition of Buddy's harp and Paul's piano both add a little something even the great original version didn't have. Good stuff.

On this particular track it sounds like the band is ready to "Party Till The Cows Come Home". This is one of those songs where everyone just cuts it loose and it all comes together sounding great because they all nailed it. Let it roll....yeah, yeah, yeah....let it roll.

Inasmuch as I had hoped that the lyrics to "Three Legged Dog" were fictional, it's all too sad that the lyrics to "All I Got Is Time" definitely aren't. It's about a diligent, conscientious, very loyal employee of twenty-seven years being laid off because of downsizing. Happen to anyone you know? Same here. Adding Randy's conga for some extra added percussion, make this one hot rhythm driven track.

Other tracks on "Three Legged Dog" include: "Broke And Hungry", "Shoeshine Joe", "Cold Turkey", "Lamp In The Window", "Miss Mandy's Kitchen" and "Ain't A Day Goes By".

The Porkroll Project can be found at www.porkrollproject.com. While you're there, in addition to telling them the Blewzzman sent ya, you can thank them for not injuring any animals, dogs or otherwise, in the making of this recording.

"Shake It Twice" by Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro, Blues Editor @ www.Mary4Music.com

Although it's been some time since we've heard from them, members of The Porkroll Project, individually and collectively, are seasoned veterans here at www.Mary4Music.com. One way or another, searching our archives will find many of these fellows names, and it's certainly a pleasure to be hearing from them again.

The 2009 version of the band consists of: Paul Matecki on piano and lead vocals; Neil Taylor on guitar and lead & background vocals; Joey Stout on organ and lead & background vocals; Ed Young on bass; Chad Edstrom, J. T. Thomas and Matt DelCollo on drums; Buddy Cleveland on harp; Doc White on bass and lead vocals; and the Union Street Horns, which include: Joe Anderson and Paul Giess on trumpet; Steven Sharp on trombone; and Dave Renz and Paul Cleveland on tenor sax.

"Shake It Twice", the bands latest effort, contains six original tracks and four familiar covers. On the opening track, "My Daddy Was The Postman", I get the impression a lot of "male" may have been being delivered by this mailman. This one's a smoker on which the hot rhythm, fiery guitar and keyboard leads, and rippin' harp are definitely going to have you shaking it..........a lot more than twice.

In blues songs, some very profound lyrics have been used when paying a compliment to someone, or emphasizing the love one may feel for another. "I'd Rather Go Blind" (than to see you walk away) is one example and "I'll Drink Your Bathwater" (just to prove my love for you) is another. Having said that, is it just me - or does the latter of those two sound worse than the first? Oh, what the heck.....all that matters is that this track kicked some blues butt. It's nearly eight minutes of slow scorching blues, highlighted by sharp and piercing harp from Buddy, orgasmic organ leads from Joey and scorching blues guitar leads from Neil. And by the way, as enthusiastic and heartfelt as his vocals were, I believe he'd drink it.

"I Can't Turn My Back" (On The Blues) is another of the discs best. With fierce rhythm going on behind them, Paul, Joey and Neil heat it up while passing the lead around from the organ, to the piano, to the guitar and back around again. This is some real hot stuff, especially with the heat comin' outta those Union Street Horns.

In spite of Neil tearing it up on guitar and vocals and a few nice harp leads, "Dance Monkey Dance" is highlighted by the wicked percussion. Joey, Doc and Matt are all over the organ, bass and drums on yet another smoker.

With so many clubs closing and festivals being canceled, I sure wish I could hear more people saying "The Blues Is My Business" (And Business Is Good). In any event, The Porkroll Project certainly do this cover justice and obviously, from what I just heard on "Shake It Twice", the blues is their business and business is good.

Other tracks on "Shake It Twice" include: "Evil Woman Blues", "Shake It Twice", "Walking The Dog", "Two Weeks Notice" and "Vehicle".

You can check out The Porkroll Project by going to www.porkrollproject.com. Once you're there, tell them the Blewzzman sent ya.

"The Porkroll Project" by Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro, Blues Editor @ www.Mary4Music.com

While I was reading through the names of the players and special guests that make up the PORK ROLL PROJECT, several of the names sounded a bit familiar to this usually very forgetful person. Further investigation revealed that indeed, three of the personnel were involved with other ensembles that I have favorably reviewed in the past. Therefore, before even spinning the disc, I already had a good idea that once again, I'd be listening to some real good music. Those names by the way are NEIL "PORKROLL" TAYLOR (guitar) and PAUL MATECKI (piano, guitar and vocals) - formerly reviewed while with 'Melissa Martin and the Rhythm Kings for www.mary4music.com - and special guest MISTY "MISS T" AKERS - formerly reviewed with 'Miss T and the Mosquitoes' for www.BluesWax.com.

Having said that, let me now introduce you to the rest of the band. Completing the PORK ROLL PROJECT are: WILLIE THORTON (harmonica and vocals), JOEY "BIG NOTE" STOUT (organ, guitar and vocals), DOC WHITE (bass and vocals), CHAD EDSTROM (drums), and special guest MICHAEL STANLEY (bass). Now, let me say a few words about some of the great music.

The opening track on "PORK ROLL PROJECT", one of eight originals out of twelve tracks, is a fast and furious funky number called "BORN READY" and from the sound of it, these guys certainly were born ready - ready to play some smokin' music that is. This one features the whole band at their best - the vocals are vigorous, the guitar work is gritty, the harmonica is hot and the rhythm section - led by JOEY on the organ - rips it up. I admire a band that has the courage to open with what may very well be the best track on the CD. That's confidence!

"FILTHY RICH / DIRTY POOR, features a dynamic duet with MISS T, who has an absolutely marvelous voice. Unfortunately, this track was way too short and it was the only one she appeared on. However, WILLIE gets in a good dose of hot harmonica solos and along with DOC on bass, they highlight this one.

"YOU AIN'T SEEN MEAN", is one of the more straight up blues tracks and for that reason alone it is another one of my favorites. I'm sorry to say that with three members of the band listed as vocalists and none of them mentioned as the lead vocalist, I don't know who to give credit to for the fabulous singing on this track. JOEY once again puts on a heck of a performance on the organ and NEIL'S guitar work is absolutely amazing.

"HAVE ANOTHER BEER", advice that I always try to follow, is a very well done, slow, bluesy ballad. This one, in addition to the usual smokin' guitars and harmonica, features some excellent piano playing by PAUL.

"GOOD MORNING BLUES", closes out the "PORK ROLL PROJECT" just like it started, with a smoker. This one is a red-hot shuffle that, unless it's in a coma, is impossible for a body to not respond to. Mine was shaking so much I had to stop typing. It's songs like these that make doing these reviews take so long. Counting the six times I hit replay on this one, it added a good thirty minutes.



"Having booked The Porkroll Project (and their former incarnation Mudboy) on soon to be three of my Annual Bandana Blues BBQ's, I testify to the fact they are a tough act to follow. PRP possess a healthy respect for the blues, plus songwriting that contains the essence of real life in all its irony. Add their deep in-the-pocket-grooves and you have the extremely tasty Porkroll Project. Put that on a potato roll please!"

Beardo,Senior Contributing Editor of Blueswax


"Overall, this is a good recording, well made, solidly played, and with some good original material."

Bruce Iglauer, President, Alligator Records (commenting on "The Porkroll Project" CD)


"Great blues rock. This is some great full circle blues rock. The track "My Daddy Was The Postman" kicks ass through the sound system in my old truck! The sub gets a work over!"

T-Bob (commenting on CDBaby about the "Shake It Twice" CD)

  • Gene Fontana
    President, Diamond State Blues Society
  • Bob Settelen
    Assistant Directory & Concert Manager, Bucks County Blues Society
  • Bonnie Tallman
    Secretary, Billtown Blues Association. Former Artist Manager


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